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At Laurium Private Wealth, we pride ourselves on our client services.  We have a range of service packages that have been designed to fully cater for our client’s needs.

No one can control the future, but good planning sure can help

Whether you run a small business, are raising a family, are planning for your retirement or have a need for insurance, we can help you to develop a plan designed to achieve your financial goals.

Holistic Advice

Holistic financial advice considers every aspect of your finances, not only today, but also five, ten or even twenty-five years down the track. When you choose holistic advice, you are choosing a fully comprehensive service – your Laurium Private Wealth adviser is there to share the burden of managing your finances, ensuring you reach your goals by assisting with your decisions, guiding you over the long term as things change.

Event Driven Advice

Alternatively, event-driven advice is available to assist you solely when something specific is happening or changing in your life-whether starting a family, receiving an inheritance or experiencing a breakdown in a relationship. Event-driven advice is reactive to what is happening at the time and looks at the financial impact of these events in isolation.

By choosing the nature of advice you receive from your Laurium Private Wealth adviser, the service available to you can be tailored to meet your needs, goals and stage of life. Whether you choose holistic or event-driven advice, your Laurium Private Wealth adviser takes responsibility for understanding you and delivering solutions to help you reach your financial goals.

We take the time to understand you

By taking time to understand your current situation and goals, your Laurium Private Wealth adviser can then identify-and suggest-optimal ways to achieve them. After discussing your current financial position, goals and attitudes towards money, your adviser develops a comprehensive plan of action for you to follow in order to achieve your dreams.

Depending on what you want to achieve financially, your adviser will suggest tactics for reaching your goals and suitable investment recommendations to ensure rapid results wherever possible.

Reviewing your financial plan at least once a year is recommended to ensure changes and improvements in your situation are considered, so that your plan can be updated and further relevant advice can be provided if necessary

To get started on creating a better financial future with Laurium Private Wealth, email us today.