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The name “Laurium Private Wealth” is derived from the Ancient Greek town of “Lavrio” and Laurium Private Wealth builds on the tradition of this town near Athens which from it takes its name.

Lavrio was famous in antiquity for its silver mines and the silver that was mined there was an important source of wealth and revenue for the city-state of Athens. The metallic silver was mainly used for coinage.

After the Battle of Marathon, the Greek leader, Themistokles, persuaded the Athenians to use the revenue derived from the silver mine to expand the Athenian fleet to 200 trireme ships and therefore laid the foundation of Athens naval dominance and wealth. The following 200 years saw the rise of the classical Greek civilisation “The Golden Age” which has been the basis of Western Civilisation ever since.

In Ancient Greek mythology, a baby owl traditionally represented the goddess Athena. Because of this association the owl has been used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom throughout the western world. Owls were commonly reproduced on vases and it became common on the Athenian silver coins known as the “Tetradrachms” (i.e. 4 drachmas) – and the Athenian coins were also known as ‘glaux’ (γλαυξ).

Laurium Private Wealth has a similar philosophy by investing our time into our clients to assist them to grow and protect their revenue and wealth so that they can too have their own “Golden Age” just like the Ancient Greeks did.